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Product ID: BC1621GA
Product Name: BRASS HAND MADE GANESH TAPESTRY 16 inch L X 21 inch H

Product Id: BC1621GA

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Weight: 2.5 KG

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    [IN INCHES]:16”L × 1”B × 21”H



1.     Wall hanging Decor is made up of Brass that gives a yellowish tinge to the wall hanging.

2.     God Ganesh image is given a lacquered finish.

3.     Decorative wall hanging uses Brass nails for connecting wall hanging. The tails are tarnish proof and rust free.

4.     Hindu Lord Ganesh is also has copper layered border.  


1.      Art of Ganesh reflects a traditional Indian design.

2.     Ganesh image has an outermost border with depicted with embroidered pattern. Inner border is a broad copper strip and the innermost border.

3.     Wall hanging decor shows the sacred signs of ‘AUM’ and ‘SWASTIK’ etched on the upper right and left corners.

4.     Central portion of Ganesh image shows the etched figurine of Lord Ganesh.

5.     Lord Ganesh in the Indian wall hanging is shown wearing a crown which is beautifully embellished.  A halo is seen around the crown.

6.     Wall hanging decor depicts forehead of Ganesh with tilak in the form of a trishul. Big head of Ganesh shows small eyes with sharp vision and concentration.

7.     Hindu Lord Ganesh has large ears and small mouth, which symbolizes listening more and speaking less respectively.

8.     Trunk of Ganesh in Ganesh image shows efficiency with flexibility.

9.     Tusk of Ganesh image are two in number. One is complete and the other one is broken symbolising retaining of the Good and throwing away the evil. Hence Ganesh is also known as Ekdant.

10.                         Bhagwan Ganesh has been carved with four hands, each holding a different object, symbolising a different meaning:

·        Right hand at foreside of Lord Ganesh on Indian wall hanging is shown with an open palm with ‘Aum’ written on it, offering blessings of spirituality to the world.

·        Left hand of Lord Ganesh at the foreside in Ganesh image, is shown carrying a platter of modakas [a sweet delicacy], which marks a reward for sadhana or spiritual meditation. 

·        Right hand at the hind side of Lord Ganesh in decorative wall hanging is depicted holding an axe, which indicates cutting all attachment with the world. 

·        Left hand at the hind side of Lord Ganesh in the Ganesh picture is shown carrying a rope with a lotus, indicating reaching towards the goal through ethical practices.

11.                          Lord Ganesh picture is shown draped in a loin cloth with noteworthy detailings in the pleats. A stole is also seen wrapped on the shoulders of God Ganesh.

12.                          Hindu deity Ganesh is shown embellished with superbly engraved ornaments neckpieces, wristlets and waist- band along with a garland of flowers with intricacies in designing.

13.                          Right foot of Lord Ganesh in Ganesh wall hanging is placed on a small carved pedestal. 

14.                          Lord Ganesh wall hanging decor shows a little mouse sitting near the right foot of the Ganesh image. Ganesha is known to ride the mouse symbolising to keep desires under control.

15.                          Hindu deity Ganesh shows separate Prasad plates one full of modakas, Lord Ganesh’s favourite delicacy and the other one full of fruits. Both indicate that your desires will come to you due to sincere hard work.

16.                          A book with Shubh, Labh  written on it can also be seen lying near his right foot in the wall hanging decor, with few flowers scattered here and there.


1.     Indian wall hanging is an ideal gift during felicitation ceremony.

2.     Ganesh bhagwan images can be given as a souvenir during memorial services.

3.     Ganesh decoration can be presented as a reward during an award function.

4.     Indian wall hanging can be an attractive gift during celebrations like Gruh pravesh, Ganesh pooja, or on festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, or Ganesh chaturthi.


[P.S: Each product is unique and handcrafted piece of art, hence slight variations may occur in design. These variations, in contrast to machine made finish, are promoted to preserve the authenticity, identity and artistic appeal of each product reflecting the individuality of the artisan.]


[Unintended slight colour variation may occur between the product image and the actual product, attributing to digital photography.]

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