Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium was founded by Shri Kantibhai Kapasi in the year 1973. Since then it has become a window to the world of Indian Heritage. A variety of Indian Handicrafts & artifacts are offered here to suit every art lover’s needs and budget. Kapasi’s showroom has become a centre of attraction for International Visitors, Delegations, Corporates, Govt. bodies, Private Organizations, Professionals such as Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Architects, Builders, Interior Designers and the Non-Resident Indians. In fact, the response pouring in from NRIs/NRGs residing around the world is tremendous.

Shri Kantibhai Kapasi, the founder of Kapasi Group, began his career in 1964 with Khadi Bhandar in Ahmedabad. Soon he decided to use his knowledge and experience to open up a showroom of his own that can showcase Indian Handicrafts and Artifacts to much larger audience. Kapasi Handicrafts started off as a small showroom but eventually became a business house giving great impetus to Indian heritage by carving wonderful Artifacts and Handicrafts. Today it has become a name to reckon with for Indian Handicrafts & artifacts. The brand Kapasi stands for quality, reliability and customer service.

With a team of skilled craftsmen in wood, metal, stone, embroidery, painting, etc., Kapasi Handicrafts has been able to restore salvaged antiques to originality, and create new designs with their nimble hands. It also has facility to manufacture eclectic range of Artifacts like Swings, Temples, Brass Articles, Paintings, Gift Articles and much more.

At Kapasi, our team believes in ultimate satisfaction which comes through taking extra care in details and personalization; as per client’s specifications, Kapasi gives personal touch to products and gives them a distinct finesse and unique appeal.

Following the footsteps of his father, Mr. Raju Kapasi has taken the reigns of Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium. He is enthusiastic by nature just like his father and has great passion for customer service. He took his enthusiasm to the next level by starting an export division for Kapasi Handicrafts. In 2009, he conceptualized the idea of “Free Shipping to USA”. A wide range of products are shipped in US with no additional cost and competitive prices under the realms of Kapasi Handicrafts. Through online portal – Ezkapasi, buyers can now place orders online and get hassle free delivery of the products in USA.

Kapasi Handicrafts has established niche, by providing timely delivery and impeccable quality standards to its customers. Kapasi’s clients are its product ambassadors. They have driven the organization towards its vision of becoming part of every Indian household across the world. Very soon Kapasi will make its mark in various countries across the world and give every Indian household a slice of Indian Heritage.