What is Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium

About our site Kapasi.com

What is Kapasi.Com?

Kapasi.com is an exclusive virtual shopping web mall for ethnic Indian handicrafts, artifacts, in a widest range, designs and colour Combinations.

Who owns the site ?

Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium – the Handicrafts people known for their quality and standards, transparency own the Site.

Know more about our Showroom

How many Showrooms do you have ?

Two. Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium and

Where are you Located ?

Ashram Road, Nr. Income Tax Circle, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

What are the Benefits of Kapasi site?

The Sole Purpose of our Site is to make Easy Shopping by saving Valuable Time and Money.

Do we have any other Showrooms Located in India or Abroad ?


What is your Customer Approach ?

Warm Personalized Approach. Total Transparency in Dealings., Honouring & Commitments.

Can I get Goods of my Choice here ?

Yes. We have the Largest and Widest range of Products to suit your Needs. We can even arrange for Customized products – depending on the Time Availability.

What is your Reputation in India and abroad ?

We have more than 21,000 Customers spread over USA, UK, Germany, U.A.E., Africa and other Places. Do we have to prove ?

About our Promoters

Can we see the Photos and know the Background of the Promoters?

Yes. Just click About Us on the site and you will have a brief history of the Promoters..

Why did we Choose this Business ?

To Promote and Preserve the Rich Indian Culture and Heritage and to provide a Source of Income to the Artistes, Craftsmen.

About our Product Range

Are the products Grouped or Categorized ?

Yes. All the products are Grouped and Categorized for the Convenience of our Customers.

What are the Product Groups ?

  • a) Metallic - Silver, Brass, Copper, Zinc (White Metal), Oxidized
  • b) Non-Metallic – Wood, Sandalwood, Stone, Marble
  • c) Artifacts – Wall Hangings, Paintings, etc.
  • d) Interior Décor –Furniture, Swings, etc.
  • e) Miscellaneous

About the Customized Products

Are there any religious limitations in the showrooms ?

No. The Showrooms have a uniform policy of one religion – one nation – one world.

Are the handicraft items offered, from Gujarat only?

No. The handicraft items and gift articles are procured or got manufactured by us, by Craftsmen from different places and States of India.

Do you sell only metallic items ?

No. The showrooms offer a wide range of products – metallic, non-metallic, paintings, Furniture, interior décor, miscellaneous items such as compliments.…

What about our Apparel Section


Want to know more about our Apparel Section ?

It is a must shopping showroom for traditional and ethnic designer wear for women and men. We offer a range of ensembles, which spell out sheer beauty and class. The focus is on the quality of fabric, workmanship and the choice of color - all these aspects are blended to create fascinating styles and unique designs.

The section offers a whole new range of ethnic wear (including chania cholis, ghagra cholis, lehengas, kurtis, bridal wear, party wear, festival wear, salwar-kameezes, etc.) for women and sherwanis and suits for men.

It has all those facilities and ambience that makes the customers feel delighted and excited over the exclusive ethnic wear.

Can I Get Modern Fashion Wear ?

No. It is an exclusive section for traditional and ethnic wear.

Can I get Customized Outfits of my choice/style ?

The stocks outfits in semi-finished stage which can be altered in accordance with the Customers requirements and bodily sizes. Changes in Style are not feasible. You have to Choose from the styles and range available with us.

Do I get any Expert Advise before ordering the outfits?

Yes. Call us or Email us or fill in the Query Format with all the information and submit to us.Our Experts will advise you on every aspect.


If you want a specific item, where should you look for ?

All you have to do is just browse the site, click on products, click on category, click on the sub- Category and you will have the basic information that is required.

If specific item is not there in the site, how can you see it ?

You may contact us by furnishing the information in the requisite form given under “Contact Us”.


How can you purchase a particular item ?

You can place an order with us furnishing the full information about the product selected. Our customer Care Dept. will revert to you the procedure to be followed for placing the order and Getting it delivered.

Do you ship goods ordered to p.o. address ?

No. We ship the goods to the Billing Address only, as P.O. address full of hassles.

Once the items are selected, how should we know about their prices and total cost ?

As soon as we have the full information of the products selected by you, we shall submit you a detailed cost estimate / proforma invoice for your confirmation and arranging the advance payment through the RBI approved remittance procedure.

Alteration / Changes in style

Will it be possible for increasing or decreasing the sleeve length and/or top length ?

Since majority of the outfits are semi finished at times, it is not possible to increase/decrease sleeve length and/or top length. Before purchasing the outfit, please call or email us, if you have any question pertaining to length.

Changes in style is not at all possible as all the outfits are kept ready in semi-finished stage.

Do you cater to the requirements from other countries ?

Yes. We have been exporting our products to various places across the world – particularly To US, UK, U,A.E., Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia, etc.

Colour Variation

What about Colour Fading or Colour Difference of the outfits ordered?

kapasi.com firmly believes that all the customers who order online are aware that colors seen on a monitor will be slightly different as compared to the actual outfits, accessories or jewelry ordered.

It is practically impossible for us to replicate the same colors on an outfit as seen on your monitor. A slight variation in the shade selected by you is considered as a normal practice as these garments have a tendency to reflect different shades of a color under different light and medium

The garments sold at kapasi.com are handmade/crafted in the finest traditions of India's textile crafts.Irregularities in weave, block print or embroidery work are a characteristic of the process and beyond our control. At times actual outfit may be little different in design than displayed on the website as they are handmade, hence beyond our control.

Get a Glimpse of our Products

About Corporate Items

Can you get the Stationary items such as Presentation Folders, etc. ?

Yes. We do Supply Stationery Items for Presentation Kits, to Corporate World and Other Reputed Organizations to meet the Requirements during Seminars, Conferences, Meets, etc.

Can you get the Compliments made to our Specifications with our Design and Logo ?

Yes. We can offer Customized Complimentary Items also, Imprinting your Organization’s Name and Logo.

About Metallic Products

What are the Smallest and Biggest sizes of Idols / Statues ?

The Tiniest size is of 4 cms Height and the Biggest is of 200 cms Height.

Have you found the answer what you were looking for ? if not then email us at info@kapasi.com

Besides, idols and statues what other metallic items you offer ?

A whole lot of items are there with a wide choice for the customers.

About Non - Metallic Products

Do we sell Non-Metallic items made of Stone, Sandalwood, Marble, Embroidered, etc. ?

Yes. Click on the relevant product group and you can have them.

About Interior Decor Items

Can I get Interior Decor Handicraft Items ?

Yes. We can offer Customized Interior Decor Handicraft Items.

Can they cater to the Corporate World for their gift requirements?

Yes. We have been catering to the Corporate World for their requirements in bulk as also smaller quantities in the shortest notice period of time.

About Temples

Do we have Small Temples (Mandirs) for the Prayer (Pooja) Rooms ?

Yes… Temples of All Sizes … from a Smaller Size to the ones for large rooms, are offered to Suit Customer’s Requirements.

About Ethnic Furniture

Do we sell Ethnic furniture items ? What type ?

Yes, We do sell Ethnic Furniture Items. Particularly the World renowned Sankheda type & wooden Furniture.

Do they have the capacity to meet large scale requirements in shorter durations ?

Yes. We have a devoted team of craftsmen who strive hard day in and day out to meet the deadlines and delivery schedules.

Shipping Information

For our Domestic Customers

Is the delivery free anywhere in India as seen on your site?

Yes absolutely. The product which you purchase through online would be delivered free of charge any where in India.

Is there any additional shipping charges if you purchase in bulk and then ship it to India?

No . There is no Additional charges if you purchase in Bulk quantity. It's absolutely free delivery in India..

What would be the lead time for the delivery ?

The lead time for the delivery in India would be 3-4 working days.

Are there any hidden costs such as taxes etc.?

The prices are inclusive of cost of product, delivery & service charges.Octroi Charges and any other such entry tax would be collected from the consignee where applicable.

How would you deliver the products ?

We deliver the products through Blue Dart , DTDC and other renowned Courier Company.

How do I know that delivery is complete?

We send you an e-mail informing you that your order has been shipped along with the shipping details.

What if product is not deliver or delay delivery?

This would not be happen if you give us adequate time to process your order so that it will not be late. This can only happen due to forces beyond our control such as riots, transportation strikes and situations beyond our control.

Another common reason for this happening is that when the recipient is not at home, or his/her address has changed. If such situation would occur, we will definitely cooperate with you to rectify with this situation.

Note : We will not be liable for any delay / non-delivery of purchased goods due to flood, fire, wars, acts of God or any cause that is beyond our control.

Can you send some personalized message with the gift?

Yes, you can send your personalized message/greetings along with your gifts. Just type in your message &. Your message will be printed and sent along with the gift.

Can you cancel the order once placed on the site?

No, Any request for cancellations of orders once duly placed on the site, shall not be entertained.

Will the product be delivered with gift wrapping ?

Yes, it can be delivered if there is special instructions from your side for gift wrapping.

For our International Customers

How would you deliver the products ?

We can delivery you the product in following manners.

By UPS , Fedex Courier Company.

By Sea Freight ( Port Delivery) specifically for Temple & Swing.

By delivering it in India where your friend's or relatives is staying who might be coming to your place..

Handing over to the person at our local premises who then after would arrange the delivery of the product for you.

What would be the charges to ship Swing or temple international ?

To ship swing or temple by sea freight (port delivery) you have to provide me following details.

Your Name

Your Address

Your Zip Code.

Your contact number

Your email id

You preferred port of delivery.

Once you would supply us all the above details we would get the quote and reply in 2 or 3 working days.

What would be the charge for International Shipment by Air courier ?

Go to check out box after adding to cart & select the country where you want the delivery of the product and it would automatically calculate the price.

What would be the Cubic meter (CBM ) or Volumetric weight of the product ?

We would be able to let you know Cubic Meter or volumetric weight of the product once order is placed and packing of that product is done.

What would be the lead time for the delivery of the product ?

For Air Courier :- The delivery time would be 4-5 working days.

For Sea Shipment :- The delivery time would be 45-50 days.

Will we have to pay any tax, Duties ?

Yes, Tax or duty levied would be paid by you where ever applicable.

What charges we have to pay for Tax or Duty ?

The charges of tax or duty varies from country to country.

How would we know the status of the shipment ?

We would update you each and every step from our end by emailing you the details like Airway bill # no. etc so that you can track the status of your shipment.

Can we ship Combine produts which we want to purchase ?

Yes, definitely you can ship combine products together which would be cost effective in shipping charges.

What would be the charges to ship combine products ?

To ship the combine product you have to send us the detail through email which product you want and through which mode you want to ship it on info@kapasi.com

Once we would receive all the details we would quote you the charges of the same.

Packing Information

About Packing of our other products

How do you pack your handicraft items ?

We pack handicraft items by wrapping it in thick bubble wrap and corrugated paper. Then thermocol sheet is kept on all sides and finally packed by stitching white hard cloth.

How do you pack Apparels ?

Apparels are packed in cardboard box and then it is packed by stitching white hard cloth

About Packing of Swing

How do you pack swing and deliver it to us ?

We pack the swing in following ways.

Swing is packed in collapsible Manner.

Thereafter it is wrapped in in thick bubble wrap.

After bubble wrapping, we again wrapped it in corrugated paper and then it is tightened by string.

Thereafter it is kept in the Wooden crates and it is tightened by strong sting with the wooden crates.

Thermocol sheet is kept on all sides for safety.

Finally its packed with nailing and iron striping.

For Assembling of swing follow the following steps.

Match & Join the parts of the swing with its coding numbers like A1, A2, A3 etc which we have given on it.

To join the parts a tool box would be kept inside the wooden box containing Hammer, Screw driver and Wrench Set.

If you find any difficulty while assembling please contact us or email us at info@kapasi.com and we would give you reply in a day. (Working day.)

Payment & Return Policy

About Payment Policy

What payment methods do we accept ?

We accept following payment methods .

Master card Visa Card Net Banking CCAVENUE

For any other mode of payment if you want to pay then contact us by emailing on info@kapasi.com

What would be currency conversion for international payments ?

For all other countries the currencies would be charged according to your country's currency for the payment made by credit card.

What would be the exchange rate for the International Payments ?

The exchange rates applicable would be as per defined by CCAvenue.

About Return Policy

What is your return policy ?

We would accept the return of the product if it is delivered in damage condition.

On customize product, return or refund of product would not be done.

The return product should be sent to us in the same original condition and packing when you received it.

The charge of delivering return product to us would be borne by customer.

We would refund you the money back in the mode, in which you have paid us.

We shall not be liable for any delay / non-delivery of purchased goods due to flood, fire, wars, acts of God or any cause that is beyond the control of Kapasi.com