H 12"Sitting Brass Ganesh Idol H 12"Sitting Brass Ganesh Idol H 12"Sitting Brass Ganesh Idol
H 12"Sitting Brass Ganesh Idol H 12"Sitting Brass Ganesh Idol H 12"Sitting Brass Ganesh Idol
Barcode: 37320

H 12"Sitting Brass Ganesh Idol

Material: Brass
Finishing / Polishing: Yellow Antique
Size: Medium
Availability: In Stock
Dream Rooms: Pooja Room
Dream Rooms: Home Entrance
Length (Inch): 9
Category: Ganesha
Length (Inch): 12
Posture: Sitting
Gifting Purpose: House Warming
Width (Inch): 7
Weight (Kg): 7.620

Sitting Brass Ganesh Idol

  1. Exquisite Craftsmanship: Admire the exquisite craftsmanship of this 12" Sitting Brass Ganesh Idol, meticulously crafted to capture the divine essence of Lord Ganesha.
  2. Symbol of Wisdom: The Ganesh Ji Brass Statue represents wisdom, intellect, and auspicious beginnings, making it a revered symbol in Hindu culture.
  3. Brass Ganapati Blessings: Embrace the blessings of Brass Ganapati with this elegant sitting Ganesh idol, symbolizing prosperity, success, and spiritual growth.
  4. Value and Elegance: Experience the perfect blend of value and elegance with Brass Ganesh Idols Price, offering premium quality at an affordable price point.
  5. Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality brass, this idol boasts durability, ensuring it remains a cherished symbol of devotion and reverence for generations.
  6. Versatile Decor: Enhance your home, office, or sacred space with the serene presence of this Brass Ganesh Idol, creating an atmosphere of peace, harmony, and positivity.
  7. Spiritual Significance: Invite the divine presence of Lord Ganesha into your life, offering protection, guidance, and blessings on your journey of spiritual awakening.

The Sacred 12" Sitting Brass Ganesh Idol embodies timeless craftsmanship, spiritual symbolism, and affordability, making it a cherished addition to your spiritual practice or a meaningful gift symbolizing prosperity and auspicious beginnings.

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