Wooden Multicolor Hand Painted Temple  L9" x W5"x H13"
Wooden Multicolor Hand Painted Temple  L9" x W5"x H13"
Barcode: 25960

Wooden Multicolor Hand Painted Temple L9" x W5"x H13"

Material: Mango Wood
Finishing / Polishing: Multi Color Finish
Availability: Make to Order
Occasion: Pooja
Category: Temple
Height (Inch): 13
Length (Inch): 9
Weight (Kg): 0.500
Width (Inch): 5
Base Height (Inch): 0
Temple Type: Open

Artistic Devotion: Wooden Multicolor Hand Painted Temple - 9" x 5" x 13"

  1. Artistry in Miniature: Immerse yourself in the Wooden Multicolor Hand Painted Temple, a testament to the art of vibrant craftsmanship. Measuring a charming 9" x 5" x 13", this temple is a canvas of meticulous artistry, radiating a sense of artistic devotion.

  2. A Miniature Sanctuary: Create a sacred sanctuary within your home with this delightful hand-painted temple. Its intricate designs and vibrant finish offer a compact space for your daily rituals, invoking a profound sense of spirituality.

  3. Elevate Your Worship: Beyond its small size, this temple elevates your spiritual practice. Its ornate design provides a dedicated and heartfelt space for your deities, making each ritual a vivid and cherished experience.

  4. A Burst of Serenity: The Wooden Multicolor Hand Painted Temple isn't just furniture; it's a burst of serenity and devotion. In its presence, you can find tranquility and connect with the divine through prayer, meditation, and spiritual reflection.

  5. Gift of Artistic Devotion: Share the gift of artistic devotion with loved ones. This unique temple, with its hand-painted designs and sacred ambiance, makes for a heartfelt gift that nurtures faith and strengthens familial bonds.

  6. Everyday Sacredness: Make worship an integral part of your daily life by placing this temple in a prominent corner of your home. Its compact and lively design effortlessly integrates into your living space, serving as a constant reminder of your spiritual journey.

  7. Versatile Beauty: While designed for pooja, this Wooden Multicolor Hand Painted Temple transcends its religious purpose. Its compact size ensures it can be placed anywhere, a symbol of creativity and devotion in your home.

With over five decades of heritage, Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium has been a guardian of artistry, offering pieces that resonate with the soul. We don't just provide furniture; we offer a connection to the divine. Thank you for being part of our sacred journey.

Where Artistry Blooms in Devotion.


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